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Isn’t it wonderful to be rewarded for every time you deposit? You may earn extra money simply by topping up your betting account with a reload bonus. The nicest part about reload bonuses is that, unlike deposit match bonuses, they are offered to loyal gamblers rather than new players. So, if you suffer an unexpected loss and need to replenish your account, a reload bonus may help ease the blow.

What Is a Live Casino Reload Bonus?

Reload bonuses are similar to deposit match bonuses, in that you earn additional money when you top up your live casino account. These bonuses are addressing existing customers, whereas deposit match bonuses target new consumers. As a result, deposit match bonuses generally cover larger sums than reload incentives. Reload casino rewards are fantastic, yet like other live casino bonuses, you must make sure you’re getting a good bargain. Here are some things to pay attention to:

The amount you’ll get â€“ The amount of your deposit will be multiplied by the percentage, so you’ll need to use a calculator to figure out how much you’ll get if you put down a specific amount.

How many times you may make a deposit â€“ They, unlike other offers, aren’t given once and then revoked. In many cases, the live casino permits you to deposit as many times as you want during a determined time period. However, some online casinos may limit you to a specific number of deposits. So be sure to read the terms carefully.

Is the incentive from a trustworthy online casino? â€“ This isn’t a sign up bonus, so you’ve probably already played at the site that’s giving you this incentive (and hopefully done your research in this case). However, you may come across a different website that offers a fantastic reload bonus. So they want you to join up in order to get a comparable offer in the future. In this scenario, you should do your homework and make sure the live casino is a solid one. Luckily we’ve done all the research for you. Our list of the best live casinos in Canada presents you the selection you should consider.

How Do Live Casino Top-Ups Work?

As we’ve previously stated, reload bonuses provide you a bonus whenever you make a deposit. They’re not the same as free spins, which you might receive even if you don’t make a deposit. The amount you’ll get will always be determined by the online casino’s advertised percentage and the limit imposed. Let’s take a look at the following example to shed some light on this type bonus: Receive a 25% reload bonus for every deposit you make within the next 24 hours, up to $500.

Every deposit made within 24 hours of start of the bonus will receive a 25 percent bonus. If you make five deposits of $100 each, for example, you’ll receive a $25 bonus on every deposit. The amount of total bonus you’ll receive is $125. According to the terms of this bonus, you may only earn up to $500 during the promotional period.

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