5 Reasons Why Canadians Love Betway

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Canadians are very well known for being enthusiastic about sports and for their love of betting on the games they like. Below we will give you a short list of the main reasons why Canadians love Betway and how this gambling company which has become one of the favourites among Canadian players can provide you with some of the best features you can find in the betting industry.   

Betway Offers Lots of Different Bonuses and Promotions 

When looking for a gambling company that can provide the best promotions and bonuses it’s very easy to get stuck with some that don´t really offer the deals you want. 

Betway offers a great variety of deals that every player can use regardless of what they like to play. There are a lot of bonuses that any player can get especially if they are Canadian. 

For example, if you like casino games and you are a new customer, you can get up to an $1800 Bonus. However, if you prefer Esports you can get up to $200. These are just a few of a large variety of bonuses that you can find on Betway. Keep in mind that these promotions are only for New Canadian customers. 

You Can Bet on any Sport 

If you are someone who just loves to watch all kinds of sports and enjoys spending time analyzing and betting on different teams, you are in the right place. Betway, in addition to offering all sorts of sports, like Hockey, Basketball and American football can also give you a lot of different sports markets from the other side of the globe like Cricket, Aussie Rules and plenty more. 

Not only Betway is always trying to create new features like the last one that came out: the Ufc scoreboard and shot-by-shot tracker for Golf, they always want to make sure that the gamers can enjoy the best experience possible.  

Besides being one of the best online gambling industries in the world, also has a great reputation among the highest companies around the globe. 

Betway Offers the Most Popular Casino Games in the Gaming Industry  

Finding the right casino that can offer the most entertaining and the most popular games on the market is never easy. With Betway Casino, the games have crisp graphics and great quality. The speed of the games can really give a great experience for those who want to play the coolest games in the gaming industry. By providing the latest games in the market, Betway always tries to understand which games the players want, and it also helps them to evolve by creating new features that the other games don´t have.  

They have a variety of banking options  

When gambling on a betting website you always want to make sure that you can easily deposit and withdraw funds. One of the best features at Betway is the number of payment methods in which is possible to transfer the money in an easy and fast way. You can use credit cards, Interact, Bank Transfer, Paysafecard, Skrill, Apple Pay, purplePay, and many others. Besides if you don’t feel safe doing it online, you can also choose to pay in person at the Paynear Me store. 

Customer Support Services Are Available 24/7 

While having fun at the casino, there is always a small chance that you may need to ask for some help to solve an issue or just to understand how something works. One of the best features that Betway provides is that customer support is always available (24 hours per day) and you can ask for any help at any time for anything that you may need.

There you have it, those are all the reasons Canadians love Betway.

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Nate Bailey

Nate Bailey has worked in online gaming since 2017 starting off in a customer support role and working his way up to a VIP account manager at one of the biggest sports betting sites in Europe. He also spent two years at one of the leading casino affiliate sites as an Operational team leader where he managed a team of six people.

Nate focuses on the sports betting side of the company and ensures that we are up to date on all Canadian and American sports. Although, he does have a soft spot for Manchester United and other soccer (football) teams.