5 reasons why Canadians love Ice Hockey

Picture of the arena with Canadian fans for the article :"why Canadians love ice hockey"

There are a lot of sports that Canadians love to bet on around the world. Some of them are very popular while others may surprise you. Everyone knows that Canadians are crazy about Ice Hockey, but why is the sport so popular among Canadians? Here are our top 5 reasons why Canadians love Ice Hockey.

National Sport

Ice Hockey originated in Canada in the year 1914 in the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Since the creation of the game, the sport has become one of the most popular sports played in the country. 

One of the most famous events is the Grey Cup which is one of the oldest trophies in the history of the sport. Created in 1909, it has already reached 108 editions. The trophy is also a very well-known symbol of Canada.

Here is a portrait of the Canadian Men's  National Ice Hockey team.
Canada Ice Hockey National Team

Part of their identity

The game was created at the beginning of the 20th century and has become more than a part of history for the Canadian people. 

With the increase in the game’s popularity all long the years, Hockey has not only evolved in Canada but also around the world in countries like Finland and Russia, with the players becoming more technical, stronger, and quicker contributing to the popularity of the game around the globe. 

This is a picture of the Canada national team in the winter of 1936
Canada national team in 1936

Famous athletes

One of the reasons why the sport became even more famous among Canadians was because of the athletes that came from Canada. Since the beginning, the country has produced some of the best players that the sport has ever seen, players like Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and even Steve Yzerman. Not only do these players transcend the sport but they also represent Canada as a nation that has the potential of producing a lot of talented players. 

A portrait of Sidney Crosby
Sydney Crosby

Ice rink instead of a pitch

Most games are played on a field or on solid surfaces, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and many others. One of the special attributes of this sport is precisely the fact that is played on ice.

To score, the players not only have to keep their balance to not fall or slip but they also need to play as a team. The sport also gives a high intensity since there are a lot of the goals in transitions at a very high speed.  

This is a photo of an ice hockey arena and rink.
Ice Hockey arena

Why Canadians love Ice Hockey? Intensity

One of the things that every fan loves to feel when watching a game is without a doubt the high intensity that the game can provide.

Ice Hockey is not only intense but there are also many other eye-catching moments. Things as rapid changes in velocity, body contact and the game pace. 

All these components not only make the game more attractive and competitive as it also creates some major adrenaline rushes.

This is a photo of two hockey players grappling with each other and that's why Canadians love ice hockey
Players fighting

And there you have the five reasons why Canadians love Ice Hockey, if you liked this article, you can also check the History of Ice Hockey in Canada so you can learn more about this amazing sport.

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