NFL Season Preview 2022

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The NFL season is fast approaching and the fans are all waiting with excitement for the upcoming season. In the last Super Bowl, we got to see LA Rams take home the World’s biggest sports event in a thrilling game that saw a last-quarter turnaround. We will take a look at what has happened in the preseason so far and give our NFL season preview.

In preparation for the upcoming NFL season, the Rams are looking to defend their title. The reigning champions have replaced two players, Robert Woods and Von Miller to create an even more elite offence. The two players replacing them are Allen Robinson and Bobby Wagner who both had great seasons last year. The Rams will certainly be a contender once again now with both offence and defence looking even more solid than last season.

NFL Season Preview: Big Moves During the Offseason

The offseason has seen several trades of importance, we mentioned two above that the Rams hope will help them get another title. But what have other competitors done to challenge the top teams? Let’s take a look at some trades worth mentioning. As the first part of our NFL season preview, let’s take a look at the big moves so far that may have game-changing consequences.

Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns

Reaching number 1 on our list is Deshaun Watson’s trade from the Houston Texans to the Cleveland Browns, Watson who’s one of the best QBs in the league will certainly make the Browns a serious contender for the Super Bowl titles.

A photo of Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson

There has been some buzz around the quarterback from allegations of sexual misconduct by the star. We’re yet to see if the league will penalize him or if the Browns may use him straight away.

The Houston Texans received multiple draft picks for Watson, something that definitely will help them build their franchise going forward.

Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos

Another star player, the quarterback Russell Wilson, will put on a new jersey this season. He was traded by the Seattle Seahawks who received three players as well as draft picks to replace him.

A photo of Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

Upon acquiring Wilson, the Broncos are looking lethal as the team is filled with young talent who have lots to prove. Russell Wilson who already has one Super Bowl ring will add experience to the otherwise young team, at 34 years of age, he is still going strong. The only question is for how long he will last.

Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill is one of the most enjoyable players to watch on the field. The Wide Receiver will add his speed and offence to a Dolphins team that is looking to be a contender for the top spots.

A photo of Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill

He will give QB Tagovaiola someone new to keep in mind as Miami Dolphins have a more offensive team than ever.

Hill left the Kansas City Chiefs where he had several great seasons. In return, the City Chiefs received two top picks in the draft as well as another 3 picks. Only the future will reveal what team will gain the most out of this trade.

Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers

One of many exciting moves by the LA Chargers was the signing of Khalil Mack. In Mack, the Chargers got a great Outside Linebacker that will help them improve their defensive game. Last season saw the lacking defensively, so this trade will hopefully help with that.

A photo of Khalil Mack
Khalil Mack

In the trade, we saw the Chicago Bears getting two draft picks, the second of 2022 and the sixth pick of the 2023 draft.

Mack will have a lot to prove as he was injured after only six games during the last season. Sure, he played well before getting injured. But it’s difficult getting back to the same level after having surgery.

Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders

The trade of Adams from the Green Bay Packers to the Las Vegas Raiders is an interesting one. The Raiders received a star player, some people even hold him as the best Wide Receiver in football, to add to their offensive lethalness. In return for the 29-year-old, the Packers got two top picks in this year’s draft.

A photo of Davante Adams
Davante Adams

It was a trade where both teams will have plenty to gain, two extra top picks can become the difference that the Packers need in the future to win the Bowl. The Raiders, on the other hand, get an offence that’ll be scary to any opponent.

The most exciting thing about this trade is the reunion between Adams and the quarterback Derek Carr. Two players who played together during their college years at Fresno. Can they find back to the magic they had before?

Other Trades That Will Impact the Season

Along with our top 5 trades during the offseason we find several other big names switching teams. Some of these are definitely worth mentioning as they’ll have an impact on all teams involved. Here are some other big trades that affect our NFL season preview.

Matt Ryan got a new employer as the Indianapolis Colts signed him in return for a third-round pick in the draft. Sure, Ryan didn’t have the best season last year for the Atlanta Falcons, but with the right support, he can make the Colts a lot better.

A.J. Brown was traded from the Tennessee Titans to the Philadelphia Eagles in a surprising move. Brown will add depth to the roster and offence of the Eagles and help QB Jalen Hurts improve his game. Titans got the top and third pics in the draft in return for A.J.

Carson Wentz is another QB that will put on a different jersey during this season. He was traded from Indianapolis Colts to the Washington Commanders. If the Washington football team gives him back his confidence and supports him in defence he certainly has the chance to come back to his glory days.

Those are just a few of the exciting moves we’ve seen for the upcoming season. What move will prove to be the most valuable? Wait and find out.

NFL Season Preview: Favourites in the 22-23 Season

With several impactful trades being made in the offseason, the upcoming season will probably look a bit different than what we saw last year. Let’s take a look at each division in the next part of our NFL season preview.

NFC West

Sure, the LA Rams are looking great in front of this season. But San Fransico 49ers will do their best to compete in the NFC West Division.

A photo of some of the LA Rams players celebrating
The LA Rams

It all depends on the quarterback Trey Lance, can he rise to the occasion and play like the superstar he could be? He was brought in to become the starting QB after a rookie season where he didn’t get to play that much. In the preseason camp, however, Lance definitely looked like he was ready for the task.

NFC North

The Northern NFC division has a clear favourite, namely the Green Bay Packers. The Kings of the North have won nearly every season since 2011, and we believe the upcoming season to be no different.

A photo of the Green Bay Packers team
The Green Bay Packers

The Minnesota Vikings will do their best to challenge, but the Packers might be a tad too much for them to handle. The Vikings have made some changes regarding coaching that got the fans’ hopes up, maybe that will be what’s needed to turn the close losses from the last season into wins this year.

NFC South

The southern NFC division is maybe the easiest prediction of all predictions made. With Tom Brady leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there isn’t a team capable of challenging them in the NFC south division.

A photo of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers players
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Carolina Panthers replaced their previous QB, Sam Darnold, with Baker Mayfield, a move that many believe will improve their team a lot. They’ve made several moves to get a better offence, but the team is still too far behind the Buccaneers.

NFC East

One of the most difficult divisions to predict is the NFC east, here, we find several contenders for the top spot. Although the New York Giants do not look like they will bring too much to the table, the rest of the teams do.

A photo of two Dallas Cowboys players
The Dallas Cowboys

It will be tight between the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commandeers. Who will win depends on the trades made, who will rise to the occasion and what the coaches have in mind. We hold the Cowboys as favourites in this group.

AFC West

Widely regarded as the best division in the NFL is the AFC West. With the teams Los Angeles Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders, there is so much quality that we don’t know where to start.

A photo of the Kansas City Chiefs
The Kansas City Chiefs

Picking a winner of the group is nearly impossible. Picking the best roster is easier, the Chargers have several star players in their squad. But with the City Chiefs you never know, Patrick Mahomes lost WR Tyreek Hill, a move that saw them lose a superstar. Mahomes is still one of the best QBs in the league on his own, so we will see what the coach has in store for him this season.

Both the Broncos and Raiders are also top teams, so not mentioning them would be wrong. After all, they both have enough quality in their teams to end at the top spot.

AFC North

Another tough group to predict is the Northern AFC division. Three teams are looking equally good, the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns. Last year saw the Bengals win the group and fans will expect nothing less for this season for the Super Bowl runner-ups.

A photo of the Cincinnati Bengals team
The Cincinnati Bengals

Retaining the AFC North championship will be difficult, as both the Ravens and Browns are hungry for success. The Ravens have the best roster according to many experts, so fans in Cincinnati may get disappointed.

AFC South

AFC South offers two teams as the favourites of the group. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans won’t have lots to put up against the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans.

A photo of the Titans playing against the Colts
Titans v Colts

Between the two favourites, however, the choice is very difficult. Picking one will probably come to who you prefer. Who ends up the winner in the group will probably come down to the games between the Titans and the Colts. Both teams are well-rounded with quality both offensively and defensively.

AFC East

The last group to be included in our predictions is the AFC East. Here we have a clear favourite in the Buffalo Bills who dominated the group during the last season. They’ll most likely win the Eastern group with ease thanks to their splendid defence and the MVP candidate Josh Allen.

A photo of the Buffalo Bills team
The Buffalo Bills

The race for second place is closer. We’ll see the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and New York Jets all have strong teams, but quarterbacks have to deliver throughout the whole regular season for them to be able to compete for the top spots. If any team’s head coach has some secret tactics to make them just a tad better it could mean the difference between making the playoffs or not.

Favourites To Win the Super Bowl 2023

With all that being said, who do we believe will win it all in the end? The pick is really tough as many rosters are looking really strong.

Everyone knows that the playoffs can go either way regardless of how well a team played during the regular season.

We pick the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, LA Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys as teams who could win it all. Picking just one is near impossible, but if we have to, we believe the Rams can make it to the Super Bowl once again. The game will be played against the Buffalo Bills who will end up Champions.

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What do you think of our NFL season preview? Anything you agree or disagree with? Let us know.

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