888Casino Welcome Bonus Breakdown

We take a closer look at the 888Casino Welcome Bonus offered in Canada and explain the intricacies of the bonus for new players. We also compare it to other bonuses and list the pros and cons.

Last updated on August 4th, 2022

About the 888Casino Welcome Bonus

Welcome to the first iBet Network Bonus Breakdown. We will go through the 888Casino Welcome bonus thoroughly and examine the terms and conditions associated with the bonus so we can give you an in-depth explanation of the pros and cons. Many players, especially new casino players, do not pay attention to the small print and because of this, they end up taking up bonuses and then being disappointed. Many casino bonuses have lots of advantages but they are also designed in a way to minimize the risk to the online casino.

Today we are going to look at the 888Casino welcome bonus in Canada and see how it stacks up compared to other bonuses out there.

A two-part bonus

The first thing you’ll notice about the bonus is that it is split into two parts. The first part is 88 free spins with no deposit needed. The second part of the bonus is a $1,500 welcome package bonus that also requires a promo code.

A screenshot of the 888Casino Welcome Bonus in Canada promoting 88 free spins and a $1500 casino bonus
888Casino Welcome Bonus in Canada

Let’s take a closer look at the parts of this bonus so that we can understand what they really mean. You should always take a closer look to understand if a bonus is actually worth it or not. The best way to understand the intricacies of a bonus is to look at the terms and conditions. This isn’t the most glamorous way to spend your time but it’s the only place where you’re going to really find out the value of a bonus.

88 No Deposit Free Spins

The first big condition is that the spins are only valid for customers who are located in Ontario, Canada. If you are based outside of Ontario you can still play with the free spins but any winnings will be automatically void.

These free spins are only available for a very select number of games. There are only a few games that you can actually use them on. The value of the free spins is also low. Each spin is worth only $0.10, so don’t expect any massive wins from the spins. This is technically the lowest value spin on many slot games. 

A screenshot of the 88 Free Spins offer from 888Casino
88 Free Spins with no deposit needed

The free spins expire after 14 days so you have that amount of time to use them. 

Another catch which is not immediately apparent is that any winnings from the free spins are not paid as cash. They are paid as a bonus amount, which means you will need to wager that money at least once before it converts to cash. For example, let’s say you win $20 after you use your free spins that $20 cannot be withdrawn because it is still bonus money you will actually need to play that $20 and hopefully keep most of it and then you can withdraw whatever is left.  The good thing is that you only need to play that money once. 

More Details on the Freespins

And one final thing about the free spins is that if you have not made a deposit so you’re only playing with these 88 free spins and you haven’t done anything else on the site the total amount of winnings you will be allowed to actually withdraw is limited to just $100.  So for example let’s say you get your 88 free spins you are lucky and you win $20 you begin to play those $20 because that is actually $20 in bonus money and while you’re playing that you win $500 more well the thing is you won’t actually be able to withdraw $500 you will only be able to convert that into $100 and withdraw that.

Having said that the 88 free spins are still completely free and even though there are lots of limitations you haven’t really invested anything you haven’t used any of your money so even if you end up with an amount capped at $100 that’s still a $100 profit.

$1,500 Casino Bonus

So let’s move on and take a look at the $1,500 casino bonus and what conditions that might be hiding.  First off it’s important to note that to actually claim these bonuses you need to enter a promo code if you do not enter the correct promo code you will not be able to get the bonus.  The second thing you need to see is that this welcome offer is actually divided up into five separate deposit bonuses so it’s not actually one bonus that can award you $1,500 it’s five smaller bonuses that once you combine them together can give you up to $1,500.

A screenshot of the 888Casino $1500 Welcome Package promotion for new players
$1500 Casino Welcome Package

First Deposit Match Bonus

So the first deposit bonus is a 100% deposit match up to $100.  What does this mean exactly?  So basically what 888Casino is doing here is they will match any amount that you deposit up to $100 with the same amount.  So if I make a deposit of $20 they will give me an extra $20 in bonus money.  If I make a deposit of $60 then they will give me an extra $60 worth of bonus money so my total would be $120.  This is what it means when they say it’s a 100% deposit match.

Other Deposit Match Bonuses

So fair enough the first deposit bonus is a 100% match which is pretty good but if you take a look at all the other deposit bonuses which are the second deposit bonus all the way up until the 5th deposit bonus they’re only giving you a 30% deposit match. For example, if I deposit $100 they’re only going to give me $30 in bonus money.

Important Terms

Let’s dive a bit deeper into these terms. The first thing that sticks out is that to be eligible for any of these bonuses the minimum deposit is actually $20 so you won’t be able to deposit anything less than that if you want to get any of the bonus amounts.  Once you make the first deposit and get the first bonus amount you have seven days to claim any of the other bonuses.  And not only do you have seven days to claim the bonuses you need to complete any wagering requirements as well in 7 days.  So 888 casino is basically saying that within 7 days you need to make these five deposits if you want to take up all of these welcome bonuses.

The deposit amount also has a wagering requirement attached to it. In order to activate the other bonuses, you will first have to wager your deposit amount three times. On top of that, the bonus amount also has a 30x wagering requirement, which rises to 40x if you use Neteller to deposit. This is quite a lot of wagering on a bonus. However, on the positive side, 888Casino allow you to use the bonus to play progressive jackpot games, which usually is not the case at other casino sites.

While you’re wagering that money you need to understand one thing. It is better to wager it on video slot games and certain other games. If you decide to play Live casino or crops or video poker you will not be wagering the full amount of your bet.

Winnings from this bonus are capped at $500 so the most you can hope to get from this bonus is $500.

888Casino Welcome Bonus Pros and Cons

After going through all the important terms and conditions associated with the 888Casino Welcome Bonus in Canada here are the most important positive and negative aspects of the bonus.

88 Free Spins are risk free with no deposit required

You can play progressive jackpot games using the casino bonus funds

88 Free spins are only available in Ontario

The deposit match bonuses require wagering on the deposit amount

Winnings from bonuses are capped

888Casino Welcome Bonus Final Words

In conclusion, the 888casino really is a bonus in two parts. The 88 free spins are fantastic, even with all their limitations. The fact that they are entirely risk-free makes them too tempting to pass up. We see no drawbacks with this part of the bonus.

However, the $1,500 is less impressive especially since you need to wager your deposit amount three times in order to activate the full bonus amounts. This is too much wagering in our opinion. However, allowing players to use the bonus on progressive jackpot slots somewhat makes up for the high wagering requirements.

All in all, it’s a decent bonus and it’s something you should consider if you want to extend your gameplay. We would rate this bonus a 7 out of 10 in all once you take into consideration all the pros and cons.

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888Casino Welcome Bonus FAQ

Here is a selection of the most common questions regarding the 888Casino Welcome Bonus in Canada.

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