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This video based slot game is said to be addictive gameplay with a classic arcade theme, wherein the player uses the bombs in order to win their way to the jackpot and explode the smaller value symbols in the gaming process. Stick by this article until the end to discover why Arcade bomb stands unique amongst all the other slot games and how much a player can earn through this incredible slot game.

Do you want to experience the old-school-type arcade atmosphere?

Well, Arcade Bomb is the right slot game if you ever feel like experiencing the old-school original arcade atmosphere that you enjoyed as a teen. This slot game provides you an outer space reminiscent with a dark background which makes it look like an actual gaming slot machine. The slot game is modernly designed with huge curved transparent reels and hidden command buttons in a different menu. The player is definitely going to feel nostalgic with its graphic features of old and new blends of trends. These kinds of features can definitely result in attracting players, but the strategy to retain these players needs to be classified by looking at the gameplay.

The arcade bomb slot game is said to be a very user-friendly game that can be played by anyone because of its simple concept. The beginner-level players can kick start their experience with an intuitive menu and fewer rules to follow, which makes the entire process of gaming look easy.

Kick-start the Arcade Bomb

This game comes with twenty fixed pay lines and five reels wherein the combinations of symbols can trigger or hype the prizes. In order to choose the suitable wager, the player is supposed to click on the plus and minus buttons present right under the reels, through which the player gets an option of adjusting the differing wager values. After the player is all set to start off, the spin button shall be clicked in order to start the game.

It’s a money-minded game!

The size of the wager chosen and the combinations of symbols are the basis for determining your cash reward or how much you can earn; The bigger the wager, the larger the reward. Basically, the returns that you expect are totally dependent on the amount you put on the reels. If your invested wager is higher, you can expect a higher return but if your invested wager is minimal then the returns are also basic. You can however constantly change or adjust your settings as per your wish in order to shift your current strategy.

Just like all the other slot games, Arcade Bomb also provides its players with an auto spin option which leads to spinning the reels for a while on their own. The settings you make will eventually be recorded and applied throughout your gaming experience which will consistently increase the gaming speed.

The first thing that any player looks for before putting in a wager in any slot game is the ability of maximum payout and the RTP or as we say ‘return to player’ of that specific slot game. Later comes the volatility rate, a player chooses a slot game with correct volatility levels which seem adaptable for the player and so that the player doesn’t fall victim to the dynamic changes of these slot games.

Symbols of Classic Arcade Bomb

Slot games are known for their unique symbols that differentiate each slot game from the other and provide their players with a customized atmosphere. Adding up to its ancient look, this slot game’s paytable has adopted the symbols from vintage slot games directly with respect to providing its players a total nostalgic feel-experience, which will make the players come back and forth. These vintage symbols contain only familiar faces that might have been encountered by most gamers. Not just this, but the classic arcade bomb is also associated with various monetary prizes.

The most common symbols of the Arcade Bomb involve cherries, oranges, watermelons, lemons, and strawberries. The wager worth varies from five to almost fifty credits. This slot game boosts up the interest of players by providing them with different situations where the players score amazing wins in the early stages of the game and this strategy eventually pulls them up to play further with higher wages. The golden bell and bar sign along with seven other symbols are the final symbols on the list. The highest payout equates to around a thousand credits which are anyway huge enough to retain the players and encourage them to spin the reels more often than usual. Apart from these, other factors that pull players are the unexpected surprises offered by the Arcade Bomb.

Who does not love Bonuses?

This explosive classic arcade bomb slot game has a very unique approach to bonuses, having only one exclusive feature that is capable of drawing an unimaginable amount of big wins all by itself is the major factor that attracts more players to play this incredible old-school slot game.

This slot game consists of four different bombs which are pink, green, blue, and yellow. The countdown begins as soon as each of these bombs freezes their positions over the reels. You get closer to zero with each spin when a chain reaction is started with an explosion of a bomb finally.

With an incredible retro and old school type atmosphere, Arcade Bomb tends to become an addictive yet simple slot game with very basic or simple rules and a unique special feature which is the one and only feature of this slot game. These are the ultimate reasons which keeps the player hooked to this slot game.

In order to get the best out of the Arcade Bomb feature, all you have to do becomes luckier than usual. There are equal chances of you winning a lottery or facing a very low-paying combination at the end. So a player must be a risk-taker in order to enjoy and dwell in this game.

  • October 26, 2021
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