Ghostbusters slot review

Ghostbusters Slot

Ghostbusters is an iconic action comedy movie from the 1980s. A bunch of people starred in the ghost removal process that has soon received a cult status. Well, by now all the Ghostbusters fans might have started humming the theme song, right? And for the same reason, Ghostbusters Triple Slime slot games attract more players towards playing such theme-based games online.

This slot game promises to take you back to the unique atmosphere of the movie Ghostbusters. With a bunch of original bonus features, uneven reels, and seven hundred and twenty wins, does this excite you to know more in-depth about this incredible Ghostbusters triple slim slot game? Then stick by this article towards the end. And you will know why Ghostbusters triple slime is one of the best video slot games.

Ghostbusters – Pros and Cons

Maximum bet up to $750

Progressive jackpot

High RTP

Minimum wager $0.25

A Movie-like Experience

This slot game is referring to different sources such as movies and etc. Hence the game developers have to make sure that the appearance and looks of the game match to that of the movie. Because if they fail to do so, it will result in a major turndown of the player. And it will lead to dissatisfaction and losing more and more players each time they play that specific slot game. However, Ghostbusters triple slime has definitely passed this with the movie-like atmosphere. And it provides to its players and is equally loved by them also.

Ghostbusters – A Mysterious Slot Game

This slot game takes place in a dark back arcade, where a few suspicious ghost-related activities are detected, located in the center of the busy city. However, the graphics depicted by Ghostbusters triple slime are absolutely clear and simple. And of course, this comes without saying that the Ghostbusters triple slime slot game comes in handy. It has some original movie-like atmosphere with a certain degree of similarity. Well if you are a Ghostbusters movie lover then Ghostbusters triple slime would be worth trying.

The reels of Ghostbusters triple slime slot game follow a pattern of three, four, five, four, three, in order to provide its customers with seven hundred and twenty per spin combinations of winning. The incredible wager range goes from fifty to two thousand and five hundred credits, which is definitely remarkable. In the settings, all the players can choose their own preferences and apply them freely. These can be applied according to the player’s wish whether the player likes it slow or would want to opt for the risk factor.

Just like the other slot games, Ghostbusters triple slime also allows the players to access the auto spin option. The player can change the settings over and again as per his choice. By opting for the auto-play feature, the player need not necessarily sit beside the laptop to stop it, as auto spin stops on its own. However, if the gamer would like to stop the auto spin mid-way, the player can click the stop button.

Promising Small-cash Prizes

With an average of 96% RTP or as we say return to player and low volatility which allows the player to unlock smaller cash prizes frequently, the Ghostbusters triple slime slot game is a dynamic video slot game over the net. Well, the players can take advantage of these magnificent features by investing maximum wager credits as per the convenience. The anti-ghost weapons also known as the three protagonists of the Ghostbusters triple slime logo and the movie that also add some fun to the game apart from the pay table that enhances the entire slot game; which is worth ten thousand times the wager limit at the time of the game.

Magnificent Features of Ghostbusters

What makes Ghostbusters triple slime richer is the magnificent bonus features which helps the player throughout the gaming process. A few extra winning combinations during the game are provided to the player. They start off with wild symbols appearing on the center three reels. The giant bonus wheel is made from the slimy and green ghost symbols. And the player has to win three of these symbols on the reel at the same time. Do not leave the opportunity of multiplying your present wager up to two thousand times as and when you spin each wheel.

You Got to Be Lucky Enough!

The frequency of getting these green and slimy ghost symbols on your reels is even rarer in Ghostbusters triple slime slot game. Thus the player needs to be a risk-taker in order to put in high wager credits on each spin. Because if you achieve these ghost symbols on your reel it guarantees you the achieving some exceptional returns.

All you need to do is pick the right ghost symbol in order to activate the maximum number of bonus wheels possible, which can only be activated when the bonus ghost symbols are scattered thrice over the reel. Well, if you achieve this, you can be capable of winning five thousand times more than your wager credit at a time with added multipliers going up to ten times higher.

Why Go for Ghostbusters Triple Slime Slot Game

The most generous game in case of offering bonuses is definitely the Ghostbusters triple slime slot game. This slot game sometimes gets complex but yet remains an ambitious video slot game with simple and basic rules. However, the remarkable special icons and bonus wheels available, make the experience of the players potentially rewarding and richer, even with simple and basic rules. However, we do not recommend the Ghostbusters triple slime slot game to all the valorous gamblers and high rollers because of its large wager ranges.

The player needs to be lucky enough to score the wilds on reels specifically in the Ghostbusters triple slime slot game, or the player might tend to lose their credits with the rare possibility of a ghost symbol showing up on the reels. Overall this slot game is much entertaining, with highly staked promising returns. The ones who have no clue about the original movie, get much attracted towards Ghostbusters triple slime slot game.

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