Immortal Romance slot review

Immortal Romance Slot

Do you fancy vampire stories or have ever watched movies and series like vampire diaries and twilight saga? If yes, then the Immortal Romance gaming slot is just for you.

Immortal Romance – Pros and Cons

Progressive free spins feature

High-quality graphics and animations

Available on mobile devices

No progressive slot game

Vampie-themed Slot Game

Immortal Romance online slot game is a slot with the immortal romance logo featured as wild. This slot game is designed for all those gothic-themed slot fans specifically. Immortal Romance will definitely entertain you with its features that include multipliers, wild symbols, and a large number of scatter bonuses. The players can receive some incredible rewards from the blood-thirsty vampires.

The Perfect Vampire-themed Slot

The two main characters of this slot game, the Immortal Romance, are vampires, a witch, and a gorgeous woman (who also creates a rift amongst the vampires). The two vampires portray different personalities, wherein Michael is a loving and cool one with Troy, an evil bloodthirsty, and selfish one. The beautiful woman, Sarah, is gently realizing that the world involves more than just human beings, in other words, she is figuring out more about the existence of the vampires and witches. However a dear friend of Sarah, Amber comes from a family of powerful witches.

Apart from the above-described characters cum symbols, the Immortal Romance slot game also consists of a door knocker shaped in the form of a lion face, a massive dark palace, the game logo, and spell books. Not to forget the low-value symbols that portray the face and number cards from the suit including King, Queen, Jack, Ace, ten, and nine.

The dark and scary background of Immortal Romance, which you can see on the screen as soon as the game starts, cannot be watched by everyone. A person needs to be strong-hearted in order to venture into such scenes. The reels portray an ancient hallway that depicts the centuries-old family properties. When you look at the head of the reel you will also find a stone carving of a demon and an angel which just adds up to the mystical atmosphere of the Immortal Romance slot game.

Incredible Features of Immortal Romance Slot Game

The wild symbol is represented by the game logo and like all the other online slot games; Immortal Romance also does not substitute the scatter symbol by the wild. This feature anyhow makes sure that all the players get an equal chance of gaining higher winning combinations. However, this substitution of all the other symbols by the wild ensures that the resulting pay-out of the player gets doubled.

The wild desire feature is randomly triggered. Reels are turned into wilds when the wild feature appears between one to five times on the reels. The wins generated by these features are unimaginable. The free spins feature cannot be triggered when the wilds feature comes into play.

Chamber of Free Spins

The free spins feature involves the free spins provided by the Immortal Romance slot game. This feature can only be unlocked when the player gets three or more scatter symbols (lion-faced door knockers) on the reels. This specific feature contains four different types of bonus features in which it is determined by the number of times these free spins get activated. The four different types of bonus features are Amber mode, Troy, Michael mode, and Sarah’s feature.

The Fantastic Four!

The Amber mode comes with ten free spins on Immortal Romance slot machines which are activated before five triggers of free spins. In the Amber mode, the player also gets five times more multipliers.

The Troy feature is activated after five triggers of the free spins and comes with fifteen free spins on the Immortal Romance slot machine. The vampire bats that are possessed by the evil Troy can randomly appear on different positions of the reels. By getting this specific feature, a player can achieve double and triple multipliers.

The Michael mode is triggered after the tenth round of free spins on the Immortal Romance slot machine. A total of twenty free spins are provided to the player. This feature also comes with multipliers and rolling reels that range from two to five times.

Sarah’s feature, which is also the sweetest and naïve character, rewards the gamer with twenty-five free spins when the chamber of spins is activated over fifteen times. The wild vine that is centered on the reels is also an added feature of the Immortal Romance online slot game. All the other symbols are turned into wild symbols when the wild vine spreads out. On the appearance of at least two spins, a player is rewarded with more number of spins.

Symbol Payouts in Detail

The player has to match symbols on a pay line to win in the Immortal Romance slot game. The winning combinations are evaluated from the left to right. The following payouts are based on the wage of six credits.

  • 9 and 10 –pay 1,3,20 credits for five, four, and three matched symbols respectively.
  • Queen and Jack –win 1,4,25 credits by getting three, four, or five symbols of these on the pay line respectively.
  • Ace and King –get 2,5,30 credits for three, four, five matching symbols
  • Amber –get 70,16,4 credits for three, four, and five matching symbols
  • Troy –get a total of 80 credits with five symbols of Troy on the reels.
  • Michael –get 90,20,6 credits with five, four, and three symbols of Michael on the reels.
  • Sarah –get two matched symbols of Sarah with a six-credit reward. Five scatters pay around twelve hundred coins as a reward.

Why Should I Play Immortal Romance?

Immortal Romance does not provide the gamble option to its players and comes with fixed pay lines; the player needs to play with all the twenty pay lines provided to them. This slot game is highly volatile. It means that backing some huge wins is not an easy task on Immortal Romance online slot game. However, the players are promised of receiving small value wins more frequently.

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