Jackpot 6000 slot review

Jackpot 6000 Slot

The Jackpot 6000 slot is a tiered jackpot fruit that takes its gamers right to the heart of their most lovable live casinos in Las Vegas. The shapes and graphics of this slot game make it looks exactly like a casino slot machine giving its gamers a casino-like atmosphere. This video slot game comes with five pay lines, three reels, three rows, a super meter game, exciting 3-dimensional graphics, and a doubling game.

If the player is more into traditional types of slot machines, then the player will definitely enjoy the incredible feel and look of the spinning reels and if the player is more into adventure, then the play is guaranteed to make great use of the unique feature of Jackpot 6000 that is ‘heads and tails, which will provide the player with the probability of doubling the win on each spin. And most of the hotdogs, ready to take higher risks with higher returns can go for the super meter mode.

Jackpot 6000 – Pros and Cons

Classic theme

Large jackpot

Trusted software

Few bonus features

No progressive jackpot

The super meter mode!

The player gets an option of playing the super meter mode on every win. This feature can potentially increase the winnings of the player and also provide them with added extra special bonuses. In order to win a big potential jackpot, the player can collect jokers as and when the winnings keep growing.

The other symbols are substituted by the wilds which are represented as the joker symbol. Of course, the wild feature fetches you some amazing wins, but it is only the super meter mode where you can shine and win the maximum wager amount in return.

Wide range of wager levels

The player has to choose from any of the game’s wager levels in order to initiate a play on the Jackpot 6000 video slot game. The water levels are one, two, four, six, eight, and ten. The types of pay lines are determined on the basis of which wager level a player chooses. In Jackpot 6000 there are only four coin values, which are 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, and 1.00. A win in the initial game of this slot gives the gamers a chance of holding the winning luck until the doubling game of heads and tails takes place.

Gamers can easily grow their winnings with a one out of two chance to win in tails or heads. Gamers can keep continuing to play Tails or Heads as long as the players keep winning. They can anyhow move to the super meter game after cashing out their winnings in the doubling game at any given time.

On Jackpot 6000 gamers have an access to view their winnings, which are present on the bottom of the gaming screen displayed in the black box. Apart from this, the player can see the profits on each wager on the joker paytable. When players play for one coin all the winnings are cut in half. Winnings range from ten to around six thousand coins on getting two random jokers in the super meter game.

On the bottom of the screen, you may find a wrench icon through which you can change and modify the settings on the Jackpot 6000 slot game. This icon also allows the gamers to modify the fast play functions and sound effects of the game.

Auto spin right away while playing Jackpot 6000!

Just like all the other slot games, Jackpot 6000 also provides its players with an option of auto-play spins, wherein the player need not necessarily be physically present in order to stop the spin as it can stop by itself. There is no such difference between normal spin and auto spin; it’s just that auto spins stop without having to press the stop button. However, the players can stop the auto spin in between if they wish to by clicking on the stop button present on the screen.

The gameplay is very simple where all you have to do is just spin and observe the reels turn your faith. However on getting three matching symbols on the reels leads to a win-win situation for the player, wherein the gamer can gamble on heads or tails, choose to collect, or even opt for entering the super meter mode.

Jackpot 6000: A game of Heads and Tails

By the heads or tails feature the players can double their winnings with a one in two-shot after winning the initial game of Jackpot 6000. On the flip of the virtual coin, choose the flashing and shining symbol of heads or tails to gamble the winnings. As and when a player wins in Heads or Tails, the player can take their winnings and shift on to the super meter game or continue to double his winnings. There is a transfer button available through which the players can use only a part of the winnings and in order to ride the winnings, the player can click on the heads and tails button.

The player can save twenty credits with each click of the transfer button. The players who do not wish to play heads and tails can cash all their winnings by clicking on the collect button and can head back to the initial game of Jackpot 6000. This video slot game comes with four different coin values and six different wager levels, as mentioned above.

Why Go for Jackpot 6000

Featuring a tiered jackpot format, Jackpot 6000 is a very gamer-friendly and dynamic video online gaming slot, which appeals to most of the slot players online for its unique format and a special feature called Heads and Tails. This video slot game is one of the most fantastic games online for the ones who love classic games. Although Jackpot 6000 doesn’t provide you with free spins but comes with plenty of bonuses that are capable enough to boost your winnings.

Though a lot of online slot players find the Jackpot slot game a little too complicated for its unique features and method of playing it. However, a few players have claimed that Jackpot 6000 is easy to navigate and learn. Well, in the end it’s all about the preferences and choices of gamers.

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