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A gamer knows if any slot game which comes loaded with a huge progressive jackpot has to definitely be a Mega Moolah slot game. Mega Moolah has been the most popular slot game of all time. Every day hundreds and thousands of people try their luck in winning the progressive jackpot. And what attracts these people to play Mega Moolah every day is the highest jackpot won by a person in history which was Є18.9 million. Quite huge, right? Well, then you must also try a spin or a two.

Simple yet popular!

Mega Moolah offers the gamblers four progressive jackpots that the player can hit anytime as per their wish. However, the graphics and backgrounds that have been used in this slot game are way too outdated and simple, which has been a major drawback of Mega Moolah. However, if they work a bit on their graphics and animations, it might even lead to attracting more gamblers than the usual number of active players, Although Mega Moolah is one of the most popular slot games today which makes it quite impressive.

No demo, just the real game

Unlike all the other slot games that provide the gamers with a demo version of the online slot of the casino, the Mega Moolah slot game does not provide such a feature to its players. The players have to put in real money in order to get started otherwise are left with no other option. However, in order to make this game beginner-friendly, Mega Moolah has its wager levels starting from one penny, so that the players don’t have to risk huge amounts of money in the first go.

How to get started

Firstly, the player has to set up a wager value or commonly known as a bet value starting from 0.01 to 0.05. Then the player is expected to adjust the number of pay lines. Mega Moolah comes with one to twenty-five total bet lines. After adjusting the number of bet lines, the gamer then has to set the number of coins per bet line starting from one up to five coins per bet line.

This is an easy process, now the player has to just click the spin button after checking the total bet value. However, the lowest possible wage on the Mega Moolah slot game is Є0.01 only. This is possible when the player bets on just a single pay line, which is perhaps equal to a waste of time if the player is looking forward to gaining some experience of the game. The actual minimum wage is Є0.25 which can be achieved only when the player sets the wage value as 0.01 and the bet lines at twenty-five. This will help the player back more bonuses and some extra wins. Є6.25 is the maximum wage of the Mega Moolah slot game. Yes, this maximum bet value is too low when compared to other casino slots available online.

Well, that is definitely not a disadvantage to anyone, as spinning the wheels more and more will lead to more chances of triggering the jackpot. Hence even the high rollers can go with this wage value in Mega Moolah.

Payouts and bonus features

Unlike the other online casino slot games, Mega Moolah provides the players with satisfying payouts even when basic symbols like numbers and face cards from the suit appear on the reels, apart from the main attraction that is the ‘jackpot’ feature which attracts the most number of players.

Get rewarded with number symbols on the reels!

The highest paying symbols are of course the ones with the animal faces, next in the hierarchy comes the letter or face cards which give the players a moderate win and the last comes the number cards which give the lowest win or return to the players. But one good thing is that they do reward you wins on any symbol appearing on the reel according to their hierarchy.

This feature of rewarding the players with small amounts is a great step to attract all kinds of players like high rollers as well as low rollers.

The wild lion

As you read the subheading, it says the wild lion which depicts the wild symbol and like all the other online casino slot games, the wild symbol can substitute all the other symbols appearing on the reels except for the scatter symbol and so is it with Mega Moolah. All the wins with lion (the wild symbol) are eventually doubled. This is rarely provided by any other online casino slot games and is most loved by the Mega Moolah fans out there.

Triple your wins, now!

The scatter symbol is represented by the wise monkey. The player gets rewarded with fifteen free spins on the reels if the player achieves or collects at least three, four, or five scatter symbols, represented by the wise monkey. Not to forget, all the wins are tripled, yes you got it right! All the wins are tripled when a player wins the rewards in those fifteen free spins.

Well, RTP or the return to player is quite low in Mega Moolah slot game with 88.12%, when compared to other online casino slot games. But the RTP cannot tell you everything about the game. Though Mega Moolah has a low RTP, players do get attracted towards this online slot game for its other advantages like the jackpot feature or incredible wins on a free spin.

However, a few online casino slot games offer high RTP rate provide lower returns to the players in order to pull them back towards the game and players knowing that winning a penny in a certain slot game is easier when compared to other slot games, they eventually get attracted to that specific slot game only. Because, at the end of the day, it is a game of making money, right? The one reason why people lose their interest soon is the continuous losses that they face in each slot game, but this loophole was however covered by the Mega Moolah online slot game.

  • October 26, 2021
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