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Gambling sites in Canada are increasing and there is a lot to look forward to with some upcoming changes to Canadian gambling laws. This means that a lot of new online sportsbooks will be introduced and Canadian players will have more choices than ever before when it comes to online sports betting. However, not all online sports betting websites are created equally and you have to be armed with the correct information before using your hard-earned cash to place sports bets. You also need to make sure that any site you use is safe, and secure, and will protect your sensitive information. The best way to find out if an online sports betting site is trustworthy is to read sportsbook reviews.

Sports Betting Site Reviews

Sportsbook reviews are important as they give players an insight into what a sportsbook has to offer. Each sportsbook review site handles reviews in different ways and highlights various issues and features.

Check out our latest online sportsbook reviews below.

Sportsbook Reviews: How Helpful Are They?

Sportsbook evaluations are an important part of the sports betting experience, especially for sports bettors. iBet Network was created to be a trustworthy resource for online casinos and online sportsbook information and recommendations. We want to offer our audience the best odds, links to the best online betting sites, sports betting apps, and a comprehensive list of the top Canadian betting sites.

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Everyone who contributes to iBet Network is into live betting and online sportsbooks. And we want to share our years of experience with all of you.

After visiting our site you should know which are the best sports betting sites and which ones you should stay far away from. No matter what you want to bet on, be it college football, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC or the Oscars, we are your one-stop solution to help you choose the right online betting site.

Without sites like ours providing sports betting reviews choosing an online betting site would be like a game of Russian Roulette. There would be no way to know if the site is trustworthy or legal. This is not a risk we would be willing to take, so why should you?

Due to the increasing numbers of online sportsbooks available it’s not easy to choose a safe platform. Let’s go into more detail about what we look for when we review an online sportsbook site. You can also find out more about what we look for in online gambling sites by checking out the iBet Network Criteria.

Top Online Sportsbooks Review in Canada

Here is our list of trustworthy and the best online sportsbooks in Canada. Each site has been through our rigorous review process. We only recommend the sites where we would be comfortable placing our own cash. 

  1. Read our review to find out more
    7.2 /10
  2. Read our review to find out more
    7.4 /10
  3. Read our review to find out more
    8.1 /10
  4. Read our review to find out more
    7.9 /10
  5. Read our review to find out more
    8.0 /10
  6. Read our review to find out more
    8.1 /10

Sportsbook Reviews Show You What Makes a Good Sportsbook

The following are the most crucial factors you need to remember to have a safe and enjoyable online gambling experience. Of course, an online sportsbook bonus might help you to start playing at one of these sports betting sites, but there is more to it than just a juicy bonus.

This page is meant to provide sports bettors with a guide on what to look for in the best sports betting sites. Nobody wants to deal with a poor user experience from any business, and online sports betting websites are no exception.

Reputable Gaming Licenses

The first thing sports fans need to check before placing a bet on an online betting site is whether it is a legitimate site or not. The best way to confirm legitimacy is to see their licenses or certifications. All sportsbook reviews should contain this information. You can also see which licenses a betting site has. You just need to scroll down to the footer and see what is listed there. All legitimate gambling sites need to have this information on every page of their site. The best online gambling licenses are from the United Kingdom, Malta, Curacao, and the Kahnawake Mohawk Nation. Most footers will also contain other important information like when the betting site launched, who the owners are, and where are they based.

UKGC Logo and Sportsbook Reviews
MGA Logo
Curacao EGaming License Logo and Sportsbook Reviews
Kahnawake Gaming Commission License Logo
Sportsbook Reviews and software

Software and Security

Online sportsbooks need to handle a lot of cash transactions so it is important that the site is completely secure. Sportsbook reviews will take a look at the site’s security and what kinds of systems it used to protect player data. Sportsbooks sites also need to be user-friendly and easily playable on all types of devices.

Banking Systems and Accepted Currencies

Reviews also discuss a sportsbook’s banking system and accepted currencies. Reviews will also include detailed info about a site’s deposit and withdrawal options and minimum to maximum amounts that players can deposit or withdraw.

Once you have decided on the ideal sportsbook for you, don’t forget to look at deposit options and withdrawal methods. Credit cards, E-wallets, and cryptocurrencies are some of the most popular payment alternatives. Top sports betting sites should allow you to quickly withdraw your earnings and provide quick payout speeds.

Playing for real money at a bookmaker entails selecting the deposit method that works best for you. The majority of sports betting companies accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill) and direct bank transfers as deposits.

As the internet continues to get increasingly digitized, more online sports betting companies will welcome cryptocurrency as a payment method. Most major sportsbooks accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum. You might receive a crypto bonus if you use Bitcoin since the greatest bookmakers provide unique bonuses for users who pay using Bitcoin.

Sportsbook Reviews and payments

Types of Bets

Online sports betting sites should offer a good selection of betting markets, live betting, and pre-match betting. The types of bets should also include moneyline bets, point spreads, parlays, prop bets, over/under bets, and special bets. There should be a wide range of sports betting markets and leagues to choose from, with game lines available for NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL, MLB, College Football, and other major sports leagues.


As we mentioned before, site security is very important, but this also ties in with trustworthiness. The best online betting sites have a great reputation. Not only is their security the best and they will keep your personal and financial information safe and secure, but this also means that they have a transparent privacy policy and that they treat their customers fairly.

One way to judge whether a site is trustworthy is by seeing how long it has been operating. Sites with a bad reputation will not stick around very long. It is also a good idea to check reviews and also user reviews to see what kind of service they offer their users.

However, this does not mean a new sports betting site is not trustworthy. take into account all the other factors when assessing a site that has not been around for a very long time, such as whether it has a reputable gambling license, whether it has positive reviews, if it offers lots of contact options, and if it has proper security in place.

Finally, it is also important that the top online sportsbooks treat all their players fairly and do not unnecessarily withhold winnings, or start asking for lots of verification documents after you have won a lot of money. These types of practices are dodgy and give the sports betting industry a bad reputation. Of course, all online casinos and sports betting sites should perform their due diligence, but doing that sort of thing only after you get a win. 

Sportsbook Reviews and mobile devices

Best Odds

It goes without saying that the best online sportsbooks also have the best betting odds. It should be easy to find odds on the most popular sports and markets. It should also be easy to switch between different types of odds, such as American odds, decimal odds, and fractional odds. It is also becoming increasingly common for online betting sites to show the implied probability of the odds.  

For example, some betting sites may provide odds of -200 for the same betting favourite, while others may provide more attractive odds of -125 for the same betting selection. It is a good idea to register with multiple sportsbook sites or to check an odds comparison site to find the best odds.

Bonuses, Promotions and Rewards

Sports bettors may not be aware of all the incentives available to help them build their bankroll and register a new account at the best sportsbooks. From weekly contests to loyalty programs and mobile bonuses, you will discover everything from free bets to cashback bonuses. There will be plenty of sportsbook bonuses to claim and even risk-free bets.

However, it is always important to check all these bonus offers for their Terms and Conditions, especially the wagering requirements. Sometimes these restrictions are so high that a bonus will not be worth it. The best sportsbooks have lower wagering requirements on deposit bonuses and sometimes no wagering for a free bet. It is also important to look at whether a bonus is given as real money, which can be withdrawn right away, or as bonus funds, which will have wagering requirements attached.

Sportsbook Reviews and Usability


A responsive sports betting site loads quickly and does not cause your device to lag. The betting site should be simple to use and work with all browsers. It should also function on a wide range of mobile devices so you can wager while on the move or from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are using the desktop site or the mobile site, all the site functionality should remain the same.

Customer Service

If you ever have an issue with your account, Customer Service and support staff should be accessible at all hours to answer your inquiries. These days, most sports betting websites include a live chat option to respond to comments, difficulties, or account concerns. The second most common contact method is email. Sometimes there will also be a phone number. A site loses marks if the support is not 24/7.

Sportsbook Reviews in Canada


The top sportsbooks should allow you to view the site in different languages. Obviously English is the most important and universal language, however, it should also be viewable in French, especially for Canadian sportsbooks. Other important languages would be German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese.

Additional Features

Here at iBet Network, we always give extra points to sportsbooks that have niche sports betting markets, the most competitive odds, have a wonderful selection of sporting events including horse racing, quick live betting, and if they have an online casino section. We admit that pure sportsbook sites are great. But we always like it when a gambling site offers a full portfolio of gambling products. This includes sports betting, online casino, and live dealer games.

If you want to try something new, or if you are not happy with your current bookmaker, just check out our comprehensive list above and enjoy some quality sports betting. 

What Are The Best Online Sports Betting Sites?

All of the top online sportsbooks recommended in this article meet or exceed all of our criteria. There are simply too many online betting sites to choose from if you just do a Google search. So we have done most of the heavy lifting and sorting for you. All of our sportsbook review articles go through all the points listed above. Learn more about sports betting on our main page.

What is The Best Way to Bet on Sports?

It is difficult to say what is the best way to bet on sports. Because every sports bettor has a different approach. The important thing to think about is if it is worth betting on a certain sport at a certain site. Here are a few tips from our team regarding how to get set up to bet on sports.

Sign up for Multiple Sports Betting Sites

As we have already mentioned it is important to register a new account with different sportsbook sites. This will allow you to better understand what kind of offers sportsbooks have, what betting markets should look like, and what is considered good betting odds. You basically need to diversify your portfolio to understand online betting.

Online sports betting sites can differ wildly from each other, so it is good to understand the differences between them. For example, some sites like to offer the best betting odds. However, they might not offer many sportsbook bonuses. Meanwhile, others will give lots of bonuses but have weak odds.

Understand the Platform

A lot of sportsbook sites work off of very similar platforms. It is a good idea to become acquainted with the different platforms and how they present the betting options. Some sites will have sliders or drop-down menus, or other options. And sports bettors have their own preferences on how betting options are presented. Once you browse around a selection of different sports sites you will quickly spot the layout and usability similarities and differences.

Test their Customer Support

As we already mentioned, a decent sportsbook review should include information about Customer Support, but the CS team in each site is large and they usually work on a shift basis. So, you should test out the customer support, too. The CS team should be helpful and courteous no matter the time or the query. Send them some questions and see how they respond. If you do not get great support, then it might be time to reassess whether you want to continue playing there. The best betting sites truly care about their customers and will take the time needed to assist you with any issue.

Mobile Sports Betting

All online sports betting sites should be usable on all devices, especially mobile devices. Most sites get a lot more mobile traffic than desktop traffic as most people are on their phones much more than they are on a desktop or laptop. Sites need to be designed using a mobile-first outlook.

Mobile Sportsbook Reviews

Some online bookmakers offer an app to have seamless sports betting, but this is becoming less popular nowadays. Most sites just offer a mobile-optimized site. In this case, sports fans do not need to download extra apps just to bet. All you need is a link to the sports betting site, and it should work on any device.

How Easy Is It to Create a Betting Account?

Signing up at one of the best sports betting sites is easy. All you need to do is the following:

Choose an Online Sports Betting Site

Take a pick from any of the betting sites in the list above. All the sites we recommend are legitimate and trustworthy. They have competitive odds, great betting options, live betting options, and have all the major sports on offer, some even with horse racing. You can bet online at any of these sites and rest assured that you are in good hands.


Visit the site using any of our links and then follow their registration process. You will need to supply a bit of personal information and possibly verify your account via email or SMS. Each betting site’s registration process differs slightly.

Make A Deposit

Once you have registered, the next thing you need to do is make the first deposit. Choose your preferred banking option and make your deposit. If you plan on taking up a deposit bonus, be sure to check if there is a minimum deposit amount and if there are any banking options that do not apply to the signup bonus.

Place A Bet

Find the sporting events you want to bet on and place your first bet. Again, if you are trying to take up a risk-free bet offer or some other type of free bets offer then make sure that the bet you place fulfils any of the offer requirements.

And that’s it! Keep on reading independent sportsbook reviews and learning all you can about the different online sports betting sites out there, and have fun!

Sportsbook Reviews FAQ

Here are the most common questions we get about online sports betting site reviews in Canada.

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