2023 NFL Schedule Analyses

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The long-awaited NFL schedule has been unveiled, revealing a mix of easy and challenging matchups for different teams. As always, the NFL promises fierce competition and unexpected twists throughout the upcoming season. In this 2023 NFL Schedule Analyses article, I’ll provide you with all the information that you need to know about the teams who have the better and the worst schedule.

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2023 NFL Strength of Schedule Rankings

RankTeamCombined Win Totals of 2023 Opponents
1New England Patriots156
2Buffalo Bills153.3
3Kansas City Chiefs153.3
4Las Vegas Raiders152.5
5Miami Dolphins152
6Los Angeles Rams151.5
7Minnesota Vikings151.3
8New York Jets150.8
9Washington Commanders150.3
10Denver Broncos148.5
11Arizona Cardinals147.8
12Baltimore Ravens147.3
13Dallas Cowboys146.5
14Los Angeles Chargers146.5
15New York Giants146.5
16Tampa Bay Buccaneers145.9
17Cincinnati Bengals145.3
18Cleveland Browns145.3
19Philadelphia Eagles143.5
20Seattle Seahawks143.5
21Detroit Lions143.3
22Green Bay Packers143.3
23Jacksonville Jaguars143.3
24Pittsburgh Steelers143.3
25Tennessee Titans142.4
26Houston Texans140.9
27Chicago Bears140.3
28Carolina Panthers138.9
29San Francisco 49ers138.8
30Indianapolis Colts138.4
31Atlanta Falcons130.8
32New Orleans Saints129.9

Teams with the most difficult schedule

  • New England Patriots
  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Kansas City Chiefs

New England Patriots

While some may argue that the Giants face the most challenging schedule, I am inclined to believe that the Patriots have an even more arduous and demanding lineup. The Patriots, currently grappling with offensive issues, must address and rectify their shortcomings if they intend to secure victories. Undoubtedly, their most formidable contest is anticipated to take place in week 18 against the New York Jets, posing a significant hurdle for the Patriots to overcome. Meanwhile, their path to an easier victory seems more attainable in week 9 against the Washington Commanders. Regrettably, the Patriots’ challenges do not end there, as they find themselves pitted against some of the most formidable teams in the NFL throughout various weeks. Notably, they will face daunting opponents such as the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills, amplifying the difficulty of their schedule even further.

This is a picture of the New England Patriots for the NFL article preview
New England Patriots 2022-23

Teams with the easiest schedule

  • New Orleans Saints
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Carolina Panthers
  • San Francisco 49ers

New Orleans Saints

In my opinion, the New Orleans Saints possess the most favourable schedule in the upcoming NFL season. Firstly, their dominant position as the premier team in their division enhances their prospects of securing a divisional victory next season. The Saints’ path to an effortless triumph appears most evident in week 12. They are going to play against the Falcons, a game that shouldn’t be very hard for them. However, their greatest challenge looms in week 9 against the formidable Chicago Bears, an opponent that will undoubtedly test the Saints’ mettle. Considering the overall trajectory of their schedule, it becomes increasingly difficult to envision the Saints failing to secure a playoff spot. Moreover, it is worth noting that the Saints’ last playoff appearance dates back two years, amplifying the significance of their forthcoming campaign.

This is a picture of the Saints for the NFL article
New Orleans Saints 2022-23

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