Most Popular Bets on the NBA

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The NBA is widely regarded as one of the most exciting sports to watch and wager on. In this guide to the most popular types of NBA bets, I will provide you with an overview of each and offer an illustrative example for your understanding.

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1.Moneyline Bet

One of the most well-known and commonly used betting options in the world of NBA gambling is the Moneyline bet. This type of bet is straightforward: you simply choose whether a given team will win or lose the game. For example, if you are confident that the Lakers will emerge victorious, you would bet on them to win. On the other hand, if you believe that they will come up short, you would bet on them to lose.

It’s important to note, however, that you need to be mindful of the time frame over which the game will happen. Specifically, you can place your Moneyline bet either for the regular time or the overtime period. It’s crucial to keep this in mind since if you place a bet for a team to win during regular time, and the game extends into overtime, you will lose your bet.

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2.Future Bet

Of all the types of sports bets available, Future bets are my personal favourite. They offer a thrilling way to engage with sporting events, and what makes them particularly exciting is the opportunity to secure great odds. Essentially, Future bets allow you to make a prediction about the outcome of an event well in advance of it taking place, meaning that you are often betting on outcomes that are yet to unfold.

One of the most popular Future bets in the world of American football is placing a wager on which team will win the Super Bowl in the upcoming season. For example, last year I predict the Eagles to win the Super Bowl and sadly I lost.

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3.Point Spread Bet

Another popular type of bet to consider when wagering on NBA games is the Point Spread Bet. While it’s relatively easy to understand, this type of bet can be challenging to win, in my experience. The Point Spread Bet is also commonly referred to as the puck line in Ice Hockey.

The Point Spread Bet works as follows: let’s say that you want to bet on the team that is the favourite to win the game. If this team has a -8.5 point spread, this means that they have to win the match by at least nine points for you to win your wager. On the other hand, if you want to bet on the underdog, you would choose the team with a +8.5 point spread, which means that they need to lose the match by no more than nine points for your bet to be successful.

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Point Spread bet example

4.Proper Bet

Another type of sports betting that I find interesting is the Prop bet. However, I also acknowledge that it can be challenging to predict, depending on the match in question. Essentially, Prop bets are more specific types of bets that enable you to bet on a particular aspect of a game or a specific player’s performance.

For instance, you might place a Prop bet predicting that Lebron James will be the first player to score for his team. Alternatively, you might bet on a specific player like Mappe to be the first one to score for PSG. While these Prop bets can be exciting and offer unique opportunities to make a profit, the odds tend to be lower as the outcome is often more predictable.

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Proper Bet example

5.Over/Under Bet

Last but not least, the Over/Under Bet is another type of wager that you may already be familiar with. This type of bet is straightforward, and it involves predicting whether the total score of a game will be over or under a predetermined number.

For instance, let’s say you believe that the match between the Mavericks and the Celtics will not have more than 190 points. In that case, you would place an Under bet. On the other hand, if you expect the game to be high-scoring and for the total points to exceed 190, you would place an Over bet.

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Over/Under Bet example

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