NBA Playoff Predictions 2023-24

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The NBA official season only starts on October 24th, however, I already made some predictions for which teams I think are going to the playoffs and which aren’t. In this NBA Playoff Predictions 2023-24 article, I will share my insights and provide you with all the information and details that you need to know about those teams that will probably finish at the top. 

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Eastern Conference

It’s always challenging to predict the winner of the Eastern Conference due to the high level of competition within the division. Nevertheless, there are some teams worth considering. Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks claimed the top spot with a record of 58 wins and 24 losses during the regular season. While they performed exceptionally well, they faced challenges during the playoffs, particularly against the Miami Heat. Their star player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, also battled injuries, which affected their performance.

On the other hand, another strong contender in the Eastern Conference race is the Boston Celtics. Last season, they secured an impressive second-place finish, accumulating a remarkable record of 57 wins and 25 losses. Nevertheless, the postseason proved to be a different challenge as they faced off against the Miami Heat, resulting in an unexpected setback.

If I were to make a prediction, my inclination would be to favour the Milwaukee Bucks to finish at the top of the Eastern Conference in the upcoming season.

Eastern Conference Predictions

  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Boston Celtics
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Miami Heat 
  • Brooklyn Nets 
  • New York Knicks 
  • Atlanta Hawks 
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 
This is a picture of the Bucks for the  NBA Playoff Predictions 2023-24 article
Milwaukee Bucks 2022-2023 season
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Western Conference 

Once again, the Denver Nuggets are the big favourites to win the Western Conference and it shouldn’t be a surprise considering the fact that they won the NBA Championship in the last season. After an incredible season, they finished at the top of the Western Conference with a record of 53 wins and 29 losses with Jokic becoming the MVP in that season. 

Among the Western Conference contenders, the Golden State Warriors stand out as a potential dark horse. Despite their challenging performance last season, many have already written them off from NBA Championship contention. However, I still see considerable potential for them to excel this year, especially if they begin the season on the right note.

Finally, another team that I’m keeping a keen eye on is the Memphis Grizzlies, as I anticipate they will secure a spot within the top 5. It’s worth noting, though, that their star player, Ja Morant, faces suspension and won’t be available for the first 25 games.

It’s always hard to predict who will win this competitive division, however, I believe the Denver Nuggets are the favourites due to their experienced and talented roster.

Western Conference Predictions

  • Denver Nuggets
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Sacramento Kings
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Los Angeles Lakers 
  • Los Angeles Clippers
This is a picture of the Denver Nuggets for the  NBA Playoff Predictions 2023-24 article
Denver Nuggets 2022-2023 season
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