NFL MVP Predictions 2023-24 Season

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Winning the NFL MVP Award is undoubtedly one of the greatest accomplishments any football fan dreams of achieving. However, this prestigious honour is only attainable for a select few individuals. As the NFL season approaches, we are going to take a closer look at the players who have a higher chance of winning this amazing reward. In this NFL MVP Predictions 2023-24 Season article, I’ll provide you with the best odds and all the info that you need to know about those players.

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Brief History of the NFL MVP Awards

The NFL MVP award is undoubtedly one of the greatest trophies any football player can receive in their lifetime. It was created back in 1957, and Jim Brown was the first player to receive it. Over the years, quarterbacks have often dominated the award. Notable figures like Peyton Manning boasting five MVP titles, Aaron Rodgers securing four, and Tom Brady earning at least three. It is important to note that the MVP award solely considers performances during the regular season, excluding postseason achievements. The voting panel consists of 50 NFL sportswriters meticulously selected from various locations. The most recent player to win this award was Patrick Mahomes, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The last 15 winners of the NFL MVP Awards

2022Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs
2021Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers
2020Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers
2019Lamar JacksonBaltimore Ravens
2018Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs
2017Tom BradyNew England Patriots
2016Matt RyanAtlanta Falcons
2015Cam NewtonCarolina Panthers
2014Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers
2013Peyton ManningDenver Broncos
2012Adrian PetersonMinnesota Vikings
2011Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers
2010Tom BradyNew England Patriots
2009Peyton ManningIndianapolis Colts
2008Peyton ManningIndianapolis Colts

Players that are more likely to win the 2023 NFL MVP

5. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

After an impressive season, there is no doubt that Jalen Hurts is a strong contender for the MVP title in the upcoming season. At just 24 years old, he has established himself as one of the premier quarterbacks in recent years. A glance at his regular-season statistics reveals his exceptional talent. Despite the loss in the Super Bowl finals against Kansas City Chiefs last season, I am confident that Jalen Hurts will bounce back stronger than ever, determined to achieve these accolades. In the preseason, he showcased his skills by amassing 3,701 yards and throwing 22 touchdown passes.

This is a picture of Jalen Hurts for the NFL MVP predictions article
Jalen Hurts

4. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert undoubtedly deserves serious consideration as a contender for the MVP title in the upcoming season, given his consistently impressive career statistics. Despite the Los Angeles Chargers’ disappointing loss to the Jaguars in the super wild card, Herbert showcased his exceptional talent throughout a stellar season. With an impressive completion of 4,739 yards and 25 touchdown passes, his individual achievements shone brightly. At just 25 years old, Herbert’s youth combined with his continuous improvement make him a formidable candidate for the MVP honour in the next season. 

This is a picture of Justin Herbert for the NFL MVP predictions article
Justin Herbert

3. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen undeniably deserves a spot in our top 3 rankings, given his exceptional performance throughout the season, alongside the invaluable assistance of Stefon Diggs. Although the Bills didn’t progress deep into the playoffs, Allen left no stone unturned in his quest to secure victories for his team. His dedication and skill were evident as he amassed an impressive 4,283 yards and delivered 35 passing touchdowns during the regular season. Looking ahead to the next season, there is no doubt that Allen will return with renewed determination, aiming to replicate and even surpass his remarkable achievements. 

This is a picture of Josh Allen for the NFL MVP predictions article
Josh Allen

2. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow has emerged as a captivating quarterback, delighting audiences with his performances throughout the season. After an impressive campaign with the Cincinnati Bengals, Burrow now stands poised to lead his team towards a historic Super Bowl victory, a feat that has eluded the franchise throughout its history. As anticipation builds for the upcoming season, Joe Burrow has showcased his immense potential during the preseason, amassing a remarkable 4,475 yards and delivering 35 passing touchdowns.

This is a picture of Joe Burrow for the NFL MVP predictions article
Joe Burrow

1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes, the reigning MVP, has all the qualities to secure another victory this year. Following an outstanding season with the Kansas City Chiefs and a triumphant Super Bowl win against the Eagles, Mahomes has solidified his position as the premier quarterback in the NFL. It’s evident that he is still evolving and has the potential to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Impressively, during the preseason, he achieved a remarkable feat, completing 5,250 yards and throwing 41 touchdown passes.

This is a picture of Patrick Mahomes for the NFL MVP predictions article
Patrick Mahomes

NFL MVP 2023-2024 Odds

My Pick: Patrick Mahomes to win the MVP award. The odds are at +550 with iBet.

PlayeriBet Current Odds
Patrick Mahomes+550
Joe Burrow+650
Josh Allen+750
Justin Herbert+1100
Jalen Hurts+1200
Lamar Jackson+1300
Aaron Rodgers+1600
Tua Tagovailoa+2000
Trevor Lawrence+2000
Dak Prescott+2000
Justin Fields+2200
Brock Purdy+2500
Trey Lance+2800
Deshaun Watson+3000
Jared Goff+3500
Geno Smith+4000
Odds were correct at the time of writing. Please check the specific site for the most up-to-date odds.

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