NHL Preseason 2023-24

This is a picture of some NHL players for the NHL Preseason 2023-24 article

The NHL Preseason is coming up this weekend and I’m sure you must be thrilled to see your team playing. Even though the preseason doesn’t count for anything. It is always good to see how the new players will integrate into the new team. In this NHL Preseason 2023-24 preview, I will give you the NHL Preseason schedule.

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NHL Preseason schedule

The NHL Preseason will kick off on September 23rd and run until October 7th. It will commence with the Los Angeles Kings facing off against the Arizona Coyotes. And conclude with a matchup between the Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues.

This is a picture of Los Angeles Kings vs Arizona Coyotes for the NHL 2023-24 preseason article
Los Angeles Kings vs Arizona Coyotes

Sunday, October 1

Florida Panthers vs Ottawa Senators 
Anaheim Ducks vs Arizona Coyotes 
Chicago Blackhawks vs Detroit Red Wings
Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche

Monday, October 2

Ottawa Senators vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Islanders vs New Jersey Devils
Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers
St. Louis Blues vs Columbus Blue Jackets
Winnipeg Jets vs Calgary Flames
Edmonton Oilers vs Seattle Kraken

Tuesday, October 3

Washington Capitals vs Boston Bruins
Florida Panthers vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Colorado Avalanche vs Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings vs Chicago Blackhawks
Anaheim Ducks vs Los Angeles Kings
San Jose Sharks vs Vegas Golden Knights

Wednesday, October 4

New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils
Buffalo Sabres vs Columbus Blue Jackets
Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Detroit Red Wings vs Chicago Blackhawks
Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers
Seattle Kraken vs Vancouver Canucks 

Thursday, October 5

Detroit Red Wings vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins vs New York Rangers
New York Islanders vs Philadelphia Flyers
Florida Panthers vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Washington Capitals vs Columbus Blue Jackets
Carolina Hurricanes vs Nashville Predators
Ottawa Senators vs Winnipeg Jets
St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars
Minnesota Wild vs Chicago Blackhawks
Los Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks
Colorado Avalanche vs Vegas Golden Knights
Arizona Coyotes vs Anaheim Ducks

Friday, October 6

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Buffalo Sabres
New Jersey Devils vs New York Islanders
Nashville Predators vs Carolina Hurricanes
Seattle Kraken vs Edmonton Oilers
Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks

Saturday, October 7

Vegas Golden Knights vs Los Angeles Kings
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Panthers
Dallas Stars vs Minnesota Wild
Anaheim Ducks vs Arizona Coyotes 
Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Red Wings
Columbus Blue Jackets vs Washington Capitals
Chicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues

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